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    MACHINE LEARNING and Deep learning

    Automate your business processes by applying intelligent cutting-edge solutions based on a scientific approach. Let your data teach your machines in our lab. We know how to build machines you can rely on. Leap ahead.


    Gain the competitive advantage by analysing vast amounts of documents. See the bigger picture by applying our state-of-the-art NLP methods. Extract the meaning, find the right questions and answers, never lose the context. Stay focused.

    BIG DATA and Realtime analytics

    Increase your revenue by utilizing terabytes of data. Use our cloud services and extraordinary solutions to gain business insights.

    Act now.

  • Some of our projects

    • Victory

      Machine learning for
      Cyber security analysis

      Automated threats recognition
      Anomaly detection & classification

    • Metiew and Smith

      AI-powered platform
      for financial analysis

      Deep Learning Infrastructure
      Automated Financial Planning

    • Alex Nowak

      large-scale architecture
      for the FPPM platform

      - Micro-service architecture
      - More than 90 components

    • Alex Nowak

      ML-powered clinical
      data management

      IT audit and consulting
      Data strategy creation

    • Alex Nowak

      Directed graph analysis
      for Bio-medical corporation

      Interconnection networks analysis
      Big Data processing

    • Alex Nowak

      Market analysis
      for financial sphere

      Opinion mining
      Regression Analysis

    • Alex Nowak

      Fastest-Growing US Companies
       Marketing analysis

      Semantic Clustering
      Advanced visual reporting

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